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Award-winning virus protection and a powerful firewall paired with the most up-to-date features - for the best protection against malware, hacker attacks and data loss

Complete security for your PCs, notebooks and Android devices - IT solutions from G DATA offer flexible data and identity protection. Wherever your personal data needs security - we have the right software. Besides the usual protection against viruses, Trojans, spyware, phishing and other malware, our solutions offer additional security. For example, backups of your personal data, or the option of using parental controls to restrict your children's Internet usage.

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Operation TooHash: Asian cyber campaign targets companies+++Security experts analyse targeted attacks on companies throughout China

experts at G DATA SecurityLabs have discovered a spyware campaign. Operation TooHash is a targeted cyber attack on companies and organisations. The aim of the attack is to steal sensitive information from the targeted companies. Using a "spear-phishing" approach – a refined type of phishing with a targeted personal motive – the attackers have been sending out emails with infected Microsoft Office documents as attachments. Specially manipulated documents disguised as advertisements are thought to have been sent to the HR departments of the affected companies. The majority of files discovered have come from Taiwan. From analysing the characters, the security experts believe that the spyware has also been used on targets in other regions across China, as parts of the documents concerned have been written in simplified Chinese, which is primarily spoken on the Chinese mainland. G DATA security solutions detect the spyware as Win32.Trojan.Cohhoc.A and Win32.Trojan.DirectsX.A.

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Stealth malware: botnet control via webmail

Bochum (Germany), 19 August 2014
Previously unknown malware exploits Yahoo email to receive commands for its malicious functions.

G Data Virus LabA new strain of stealth malware is capable of misusing renowned web portals such as Yahoo and Gmail to receive control commands.
What makes the IcoScript Trojan so unusual is that the malware uses its own scripting language to connect automatically to an email account. This account has been set up by hackers to issue commands to the infected computers. Access to webmail services is rarely blocked in company networks. Hence the Trojan can receive and execute commands without being noticed. Security experts at G DATA have called the malware Win32.Trojan.IcoScript.A. Their detailed analysis has been published in the magazine Virus Bulletin.

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